Brighton Fringe Open Text 2011

Brighton Fringe Open Text 2011 - Geometric Space 2

Geometric Space 2 – 2011

‘Barry Falk’s photographs effectively convey the edginess and grubbiness and visual intrigue of ordinary spaces. He demonstrates how seeming emptiness can be evocative, and can have character and feeling. In the image shown here, the angled symmetry of the painted lines and the way our eye is pulled into the corner make us feel trapped and uncomfortable. I ask: where is the exit? My escape route? It is not a place I want to stay or linger. The grubby walls, the single fluorescent light and the ominous stains on the ground all add to making a rather unsettling space. And the resulting image is successful in recreating the physical emotion of actually being there.’  – written by Louise Marlborough

Shallow Bay 2012

Struth 2012

Urban Essays: Conceptualising Car Parks

My fascination with car parks grew out of a need to expand upon my range of subject matter, from specifically derelict urbex sites to general urban areas. I sought to seek the same sense of frisson but in the most mundane places. As if to prove a point to myself I begun to poke around the backs of buildings, wander down alleyways, peer into empty shops and explore the ubiquitous concrete edifices of car parks.

As constructed architectural spaces these non-places are all the more fascinating because they are not, generally, conceived as high architecture. The structures are functional but throwaway. Yet photographed from the right angle these leftover concrete corners and subterranean bunkers, with their delineating white markings, reveal themselves to be deeply fascinating spaces.

‘Conceptualising Car Parks’ belongs to a larger body of work, which includes ‘Transitory Spaces,’ ‘Incidental Corners’ and ‘Concrete Thinking.’ These forgotten and pissed in places are analogous to repressed thoughts and memories – what Freud referred to as the unheimliche, the unhomely or uncanny, a place which is familiar yet unfamiliar. It is this disquieting sense of place which I am always seeking to capture.



About barryfalk

I am a self-taught photographer based in West Sussex. I photograph ‘Incidental Spaces’, places tucked away and neglected: edges of car parks, junk-filled garages, loading bays, abandoned spaces, vacant rooms, ransacked offices. These are the overlooked details of a city: architectural features which appear to serve no function. My images seek to capture an aspect of the city which is not willingly acknowledged. These places can be read as metaphors for loss and as such are suffused with a disturbed sense of self, what Freud referred to as the unheimliche: the familiar which has become alienated through the process of repression. However, when re-seen, photographed from a particular angle, in a certain light, these incidental spaces turn out to be resonant with association.
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