Architectural Anomaly

‘Architectural Anomalies’ is a series of images which explore the tucked away corners of urban spaces. These odd corners are all the  more fascinating because they are not conceived as high architecture and often appear to serve no functional purpose. They are the happen-chance leftovers, the architectural anomalies which appear to deviate from the norm.

This series links in with similar themes I have been working on: ‘Conceptualising Car Parks,’ ‘Incidental Corners,’ ‘Geometric Spaces’ and ‘Concrete Thinking.’ In common with these other works in progress they are gathered from the mostly subterranean, concrete urban environment and seek to shed light upon what are largely forgotten and pissed in corners.

There is something both futuristic and ancient about these cavernous spaces. As habitats they are cruelly forbidding, lithic and angular. But, as photographic subject, when scrutinised closely, they reveal themselves to be deeply fascinating non-places.






About barryfalk

I am a self-taught photographer based in West Sussex. I photograph ‘Incidental Spaces’, places tucked away and neglected: edges of car parks, junk-filled garages, loading bays, abandoned spaces, vacant rooms, ransacked offices. These are the overlooked details of a city: architectural features which appear to serve no function. My images seek to capture an aspect of the city which is not willingly acknowledged. These places can be read as metaphors for loss and as such are suffused with a disturbed sense of self, what Freud referred to as the unheimliche: the familiar which has become alienated through the process of repression. However, when re-seen, photographed from a particular angle, in a certain light, these incidental spaces turn out to be resonant with association.
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2 Responses to Architectural Anomaly

  1. sedge808 says:

    Fabulous. I love car park diving.

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