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I am a self-taught photographer based in West Sussex. I photograph ‘Incidental Spaces’, places tucked away and neglected: edges of car parks, junk-filled garages, loading bays, abandoned spaces, vacant rooms, ransacked offices. These are the overlooked details of a city: architectural features which appear to serve no function. My images seek to capture an aspect of the city which is not willingly acknowledged. These places can be read as metaphors for loss and as such are suffused with a disturbed sense of self, what Freud referred to as the unheimliche: the familiar which has become alienated through the process of repression. However, when re-seen, photographed from a particular angle, in a certain light, these incidental spaces turn out to be resonant with association.

Night Vision

Night Vision – Sign Night Vision – Steps Night Vision – Trees Advertisements

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Dark and Brutal

‘Unlike fright, which is characterised by the surprise of a sudden presence of danger, and dread, which is always directed towards a specific object, the nature of fear is ‘to be non-specific and to have no object.’ … By being … Continue reading

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Illuminated Space – Sublime Series

‘The disproportion between the human body and the vastness of space that traditionally evoked a sense of the gigantic …. the Sublime invokes loss, silence and absence … The tension between space and place is inherent to contemporary disorientation, is … Continue reading

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Experimental Space

  Bunker Experimental Space refers to interior spaces where the purpose of the room (a bunker?) is ambiguous. These photographs do not aim to describe nor explain a space but, like Rothkos late multiform paintings, to suggest a psychological state … Continue reading

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The Rings of Saturn

  Silo ‘From a distance, the concrete shells, shored up with stones … looked .. like the tumuli in which the mighty and powerful were buried in prehistoric times with all their tools and utensils, silver and gold. My sense … Continue reading

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Suite Nocturn

  Arch with Reflection ‘Incidental music is often background music and adds atmosphere to the action. It may take the form of something as simple as a low, ominous tone suggesting an impending startling event or to enhance the depiction … Continue reading

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Elegiac Series


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